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The world's top companies choose us to advise, design and build innovative solutions as we challenge their initial ideas and develop the ideal solution. Our clients span across multiple industries: DeFi, Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrency, financial services, trading, energy, commodities, supply chain, telecommunications and governmental.
Stephane Cheikh
Ventures & Innovation Manager at
"Applied Blockchain have always been very helpful by coming up with new concepts and new developments."
Ben Van Beurden
Former CEO at
“We did the first product derivative trade on blockchain together with our partner Applied Blockchain.”
Thought leadership
2024 Blockchain Technology Predictions by Adi Ben-Ari
Passkeys will transform the blockchain user-experience
Passkeys allow users to have self-custody and authorise operations without the need for a wallet application (e.g. Metamask), and without the need to remember a secret back-up text mnemonic. Applied Blockchain is pioneering a friction-free alternative to user wallets.
Applied Blockchain Podcast #11
Custody solutions, digital asset management and tokenisation at Fireblocks with John Hallahan
Blockchain: Legal & Regulatory Guidance 2nd Edition: Data securing enhancing measures
The EU GDPR became binding on 25 May 2018 and is based, in large part, and at least in big-picture, thematic terms...
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