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We develop solutions for startups and enterprises using blockchain, advanced cryptography and secure enclaves.

Solutions in Aviation

Innovation is crucial in an industry that prioritises safety as much as reliability. Blockchain can simultaneously enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency.
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Areas of Expertise
Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
Enable automated, real-time monitoring of vehicle locations, movements, and fleet value.
Seamless Passenger Identity Checks
Preserve data security while optimising due diligence checks through smart contracts.
Immutable Maintenance Record
Record each maintenance activity, from service appointments to repairs and part replacements, on the blockchain to facilitate easier auditing and compliance.
NFT Ticket Marketplace
Innovate your product offering with new ticketing options, setting the stage for market share leadership.
Innovative Loyalty Program
Enhance your traditional program with unique benefits and rewards, gaining further market data and improving customer experience.
Seamless Crew Management
Comply with strict regulatory requirements through seamless tracking of crew working hours, enhancing safety.
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Distributed drone registry
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Aircraft component tracking solution
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“Applied Blockchain have always been very helpful by coming up with new concepts and new developments. They challenge you as a customer, they say ‘have you thought about this, have you thought about that?’. This has been very refreshing and I would definitely recommend Applied Blockchain.”
Stephane Cheikh - Ventures & Innovation Manager at SITA
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