Applied Blockchain Becomes Energy Web Foundation Affiliate to Drive Blockchain Technology Implementation across the Energy Sector

August 15, 2018

Following recent investment from Shell, Applied Blockchain collaborates with non-profit organisation.

Applied Blockchain, a leading developer of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, has become an affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), a global non-profit organisation focused on unleashing blockchain’s potential in the energy sector by building the first open-source, scalable core blockchain platform tailored specifically to the industry.

As an EWF Affiliate, Applied Blockchain joins an innovative ecosystem of global energy companies, utilities, grid operators, blockchain developers and users, and infrastructure providers, collaborating on implementation of large-scale energy projects at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology.

“Our affiliation with the Energy Web Foundation allows us to expand our work in the energy space, following our successful engagement with Shell. We discovered that our technical visions are aligned and that we are in a great position to contribute, making this an easy decision for us. It is a brilliant opportunity for Applied Blockchain to work with key global organisations to unleash blockchain’s true potential for decentralising and democratising solutions in the energy industry,” said Adi Ben-Ari, Founder and CEO at Applied Blockchain.

The Energy Web Foundation recognises the impact blockchain technology can have to significantly reduce transaction costs in the energy sector and strives to enable active participation of a larger number of market participants. Applied Blockchain’s affiliation is to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, transparent, more resilient and a cost-effective system.

“The energy sector is a prime example of an industry being proactive and making best use of the security and trust advantages that blockchain technology can offer. Through the EWF initiative, energy businesses have a real opportunity to lead the way in showcasing how to apply blockchain technology to the benefit of their end-users,” added Adi Ben-Ari.

“The Energy Web Foundation’s focus is on building the energy sector’s core blockchain platform on which others’ applications can sit. Applied Blockchain’s experience building real-world applications for their clients, from startups to enterprises, is highly complementary,” said Jesse Morris, chief commercial officer for EWF. “Applied Blockchain’s expertise can help other EWF Affiliates, especially energy companies newly exploring blockchain’s potential, successfully bridge from initial interest to building their first energy blockchain applications on the Energy Web Chain.”

Founded in 2015, Applied Blockchain has a significant track record in helping enterprises across multiple sectors ranging from aviation, banking, telecoms, automotive and manufacturing to evolve and make best-use of blockchain as the technology is increasingly being explored as a safer, more secure and transparent means of operating.