Applied Blockchain joins Confidential Computing Consortium to develop confidential computing applications in energy and banking

February 22, 2021

Applied Blockchain joins Confidential Computing Consortium to explore applying confidential computing technology in financial services and energy.

Applied Blockchain, a specialist in building applications with enhanced trust and privacy, today announced it has joined the Confidential Computing Consortium, an organization created by the Linux Foundation dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Confidential Computing. Applied Blockchain is joining to collaborate more closely with the companies at the forefront this technology.

Founded in 2015, and backed by seed investment from Shell, Calibrate and QBN Capital, Applied Blockchain develops products and applications used by some of the largest global enterprises in energy and financial services.

Applied Blockchain joins the Confidential Computing Consortium to contribute and promote core open, agnostic technologies and best practices in this space.

Applied Blockchain is particularly focused on protecting consumer and business data in banking, energy trading and supply chains.

Confidential Computing protects data in use, enabling encrypted data to be processed in memory without exposing it to the rest of the system, reducing exposure to sensitive data and providing greater control and transparency. This is among the very first industry-wide initiatives to address data in use, as current security approaches largely focus on data at rest or data in transit. The focus of the Confidential Computing Consortium is especially important as companies move more of their workloads to span multiple environments, from on premises to public cloud and to the edge.

We are excited to have Applied Blockchain as a General member of the Confidential Computing Consortium. Applied Blockchain will help drive innovation in the areas of Confidential Computing applications and bring new perspectives to advance the category of confidential computing.

Stephen Walli, Chair of the Governing Board, Confidential Computing Consortium

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